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Do you know the recent scope of the cosmetics industry? Day by day tons of products is getting introduced. If you want something new for your selling list, you can choose and sell unique products. Why is MATCHA? Because we trust natural skincare and caffeine-related products are overhyped. Not because I made this since it is overhyped, but because I wanted to make something new.
WHY MATCHA? Matcha is anti-bacterial. It shows results on reducing inflammation and providing even skin tone. It also works on reducing acne and increasing skin flexibility, because it comes under the green tea family.

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Cream soap provides moisturizing properties and also cleanses our face, gives nourishing skin after wash. It also removes hard lipsticks and impurities from the face. Suitable for all skin types especially for dry skin types. It works similarly like cream which also cleanses off like soap. Cream Soap is the fastest-selling product in any skincare brand, unlike facewash. Facewash is something anybody can sell., but what makes you differ from another brand.

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Cleansing polish is a dry combination of clay and natural extracts powder with special ingredients and also with a mild surfactant and a thickener, It works well on all the skin types and doesn’t dry out.

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Shampoo conditioner bars are in trend which is eco friendly couldn't replace 552 million plastic bottles we throw away manually.

What it does:

It cleanses your hair naturally. This is used for a replacement of liquid shampoos and conditioners. Adding a single conditioning agent, nourishes hair well keeps the scalp healthy and shiny

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